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Shine Your Light – Your Covenant – Our Mission

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate – our deepest fear is that we are boundlessly powerful. Our light – not our darkness – is what makes us most afraid. It doesn't serve the world if you make yourself seem small. It isn't enlightened behaviour if your make yourself appear small only in order that the people around you may not feel insecure. We were born to manifest the glory of God in us. He isn't present only in some of us; he is present in each one of us. If we allow our light to shine out, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same. If we have been set free from our own fears, our presence automatically sets others free."

The motto of the torch relay is based on these words of Nelson Mandela.

Shine your light – let your light shine out! It doesn't matter what we call it: a light, a flame, a fire – it exists in each one of us and is waiting there. Sometimes God's grace and a person are enough for something great to come about in the world. This is your chance! As a runner in the torch relay you can show what you are made of. You can be sure that you personally will grow.

In Valle di Pompeii a little idea gave rise to a great place of pilgrimage. Taking this as his inspiration, Fr Kentenich and his students dared to make Schoenstatt a reality. From it an international Movement within the Catholic Church came into existence. No, a hundred years later, we dare to continue this work in our own way.

The torch relay in 2014 highlights new features. We will have to overcome ourselves to dare to take not just the first step, but also the second and third. What matters is "to keep going". Schoenstatt is an international Movement, so we need an international torch relay. Only together can we overcome the challenges and problems of the future. The riches of diversity have to characterise our field of vision.

In a hundred years a great deal has come about that at first seemed impossible. We make our contribution in order to be part of something great. We help to carry out the task God has placed before each one of us. And so we carry the light of faith into the future.

So three things are important to us:

Shine Your Light 
100 years of Schoenstatt Internationality

The motto of the international Schoenstatt Movement for the 2014 Jubilee "Your Covenant – Our Mission" confirms out intention and helps to bring us all together.

Your Covenant – the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother is unique and is only found in Schoenstatt. In the final analysis this is the crux of the matter. Led by Mary we consciously want to live our covenant with God and with those around us by taking one step after the other. This is Schoenstatt.

Our Mission – an essential part of the covenant of love is the promise: Nothing without you – nothing without us. It is our mission to live the covenant of love and to try to discover what contribution we can make, and how to do so. We bear Schoenstatt into the world.