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Why to Pompeii

Why to Pompeii

Pompeji–Schoenstatt - A vision comes true!

As Bartolo Longo began with the rebuilding of a little church in 1873 he probably never thought about the location becoming one of the most famous pilgrimage place. He was just thankful at that time because he was in a deep personal crisis. And he again found a deep relationship to god and especially to Maria. He always had a heart for the people. He was especially concerned to help people in need. With great enthusiasm and together with his wife he took care of orphans and prisoners’ children. At that time this was very unique and absolutely revolutionary. After and after there were people from all over Europe coming to visit this special place. They believe in the relationship to Maria and they believe in changing the world positively with the grace of Maria.

After reading an article about this place in a newspaper in the year 2014 Father Kentenich had a vision: Why shouldn’t it be possible that with the grace of the mother trice admirable a place of pleasure can be built up around the little shrine in Schoenstatt. Today we can feel it very deeply: The vision of Father Kentenich becomes true.

With our torch run in 2014 we are on the way to the roots of Schoenstatt. We carry the light from Pompeji and bring it to the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt.

100 years of Schoenstatt movement – our contribution and our very personal mission.


Link zum Zeitungsartikel des Kapuzinerpater Cyprian Fröhlich

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